Education in India is being globalized so that our students are better prepared to work anywhere in the world. India is increasingly being perceived as the HR capital of the world. More and more Indians are being employed across all levels in all developed countries of the world.

The working population in the developed countries is shrinking because of very low birth rates and even lower graduation rates from ethnic races. So educated and qualified employees are reducing drastically and Indians come in handy because they come well qualified with reasonably good English language skills.

India’s New Education Policy is reflecting this global reality and is mandating that Educational Institutions collaborate more with foreign universities and with Industry to promote job readiness among the newly minted graduates.

Foreign Tie-Ups

We help Universities in India to tie up with foreign universities from Europe and USA.

These are some of the programs that have recently been launched.

Dual Degree

B.Tech students from India are given the opportunity to graduate both from India and Germany. In India they study for 5 semesters (Sem 1 to 5 and Sem 8). In Germany they go to the university there and do 3 semesters. The unique opportunity in Germany is the UNiversity gets them an internship at the industry where they can practice what they are learning. So they get work experience, practical experience and theoretical knowledge even during their graduation stage.

The degree in Germany is a B.Sc. …..
Eligibility : Students who have cleared all their papers in the first 4 semesters of their degree program
Language of Program : English
Cost : Very minimal

IBR Global MBA

AGBM helps Universities to connect with IBR Germany to sign an MOU and to kickstart their MBA batches.

More info on IBR GLobal MBA

Consulting & Industry Connect

Universities in India are now becoming centers of excellence with research work, R&D and other innovations that can become commercialized. We recognize that commercial work may not be an area of expertise for academicians and we help them to connect and bring their works into commercial reality.
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