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We offer career guidance and counselling to 12th standard students who are keen to get a MBBS seat and become a doctor whether in India or abroad.

Our counsellors are trained to assist students to assess themselves and find the right path to become a doctor. No need to run around from pillar to post and become a victim of the system. Students will get clarity and focus on the path available for them to get the right college and the right course for them.

Don’t wait till the last minute and get stressed. Enquire now by scheduling an appointment immediately.

Why should you study MBBS abroad?

Higher Quality Education

Many foreign medical universities are ranked among the best in the world, and offer top-class education and training facilities. They are globally recognized and it is easy to enter many countries and practice using those qualifications.

More Affordable Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for MBBS programs at foreign universities are often lower than those at private medical colleges in India.

No Capitation Fees

Foreign medical universities do not charge capitation fees, which are often a major financial burden for students in India.

More Exposure

Studying MBBS abroad gives students the opportunity to experience a new culture and learn from a diverse faculty and student body.

Global Career Opportunities

MBBS graduates from foreign universities are eligible to practice medicine in many countries around the world, giving them more career options.

What are the additional benefits of studying MBBS abroad?

Better Infrastructure

Foreign medical universities often have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, including modern laboratories, libraries, and hospitals.

Stronger Research Focus

Many foreign medical universities have a strong focus on research, which gives students the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with world-renowned researchers.

Improved English Skills

Studying MBBS abroad gives students the opportunity to improve their English skills, which is essential for a successful career in medicine.

Enhanced CV

Improved career opportunities

Personal Growth and Development

Studying MBBS abroad can be a challenging but rewarding experience that can help students grow personally and professionally. It helps the student to be better equipped to meet new challenges.


AGBM offers assistance for selection of the right school, admission, visa, travel assistance, as well as ongoing support throughout the completion of your course.
Academic reputation, accreditation, infrastructure, faculty qualifications, clinical exposure, opportunities for returning to India to practice or move abroad, and feedback from students are all considered when you speak to AGBM consultants.
English. Most students pick up some of the local language too to interact with the public.
The price of air travel can be influenced by several factors, including the chosen destination, travel dates, and airline selection. AGBM helps the students find affordable options.
Since expenses can differ based on the location AGBM offers guidance on estimating and managing the costs of essential expenses like housing, food, transportation, and other necessities.
Many universities understand international students’ dietary preferences and offer various food options, including Indian cuisine. Additionally, AGBM can guide in accessing Indian food options near the chosen university.
A world class education, along with numerous job opportunities and unimaginable experiences are some of the many factors which attract students across international boundaries.
The NMC screening test for foreign medical graduates was previously known as the FMGE. However, the NMC has brought forth the NeXT as the licensing exam for every medical graduate who wants to practice in India making it compulsory for all students whether graduated from India or abroad to clear the NeXT exam.


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