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Why do we need an MBA?

An MBA is required to become more competitive and effective in our job role and to attract better roles and better companies, isn’t it?

Today the Master of Business Administration is synonymous with business knowledge, management skills, and quick career progression. Most CEOs and heads of companies and organizations are MBA graduates from good institutes who have acquired the skills to lead their organizations. So many universities are offering this program to help build future leaders.

If we want to be better in our job and grow faster in our careers, we need an MBA that can equip us with the right tools and qualifications that will make us more attractive to employers. But unfortunately most of the MBA colleges teach these subjects theoretically and do not really prepare them for the modern workplace.

IBR Global MBA from Germany is a practical program that prepares working professionals and entrepreneurs to take their career or their business to the next level.

Why IBR Global MBA?

Most traditional universities are focused on preparing their students academically. Some B-schools have project works and practical internships included in their program.

The German IBR Global MBA uses your current work-place as the practical laboratory in which you can learn the concepts that are taught in the IBR Global MBA.

What you learn in class you apply at work and what you learn at work you apply in the class.

As you already know, German higher education is more focused on practically applied orientation, which is industry-driven. This is why German manufactured goods and services are considered to be among the best worldwide. The trade statistics show that the German economy and export track record is booming and this is made possible by German know-how and entrepreneurship which is a product of their education system.

This IBR Global MBA is now available for Indian students who can benefit from German expertise to fast-track their career success.


  • It is a World-class MBA degree of quality and significance.
  • You can solve complex problems at your personal workplace.
  • You can re-engineer your organization under the guidance of a global team of management experts.
  • You Operationalize your working experience.
  • You get an Executive education which is “Made in Germany”
  • You learn how to implement the secrets of German Management.
  • You learn the secrets of German success in business and you get the PREMIUM accreditation of German, Swiss, and Austrian Industries (FIBAA).
  • You get a Tailor-made MBA that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your workplace
  • It also allows you to experiment with business opportunities and implement the learning gleaned during the MBA
It’s Most flexible for working Executives. Continue working where you are located Your working time becomes the study time and study time becomes working time
  • It is ONLINE and OFFLINE with batch size of 15-20 students.
  • Once in every 3 weeks you have tutorial classes with your respective professors.
  • 6 Residential week-long programs (3in India, 3 Overseas )
  • Obtain an MBA degree from Germany without leaving your workplace
In addition to their academic qualification, our faculty members can relate to business challenges of our clients since two thirds of our professors run their own international companies. Furthermore, on average 15 years of executive management experience qualify them to not only coach students academically, but also professionally.
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  • More than 1500 students have graduated from all 5 continents of the world.
  • Every year an average of about 80-100 Students have passed out.



International Management
Effective Management
Strategic Management
Corporate Finance
Managerial Accounting
Marketing Management
Marketing Communication
Human Resource Management
Developing Leadership Practice
Operations Management
Industry 4.0 and Performance Management
Digital Leadership and Transformation

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