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The year 1930 saw the establishment of the State Medical Institute of Samarkand. One of the country’s non-profit public higher education institutes, the Institute is located in Samarkand. The Samarkand State Medical Institute is highly regarded for its progressive approach to teaching and education. By creating reforms and implementing changes, the Institute believes in not only bettering a candidate’s academic education but also making them more empathetic towards society and the community as a whole.
Lecture halls, classrooms, and education and clinical laboratories are equipped with the latest multimedia projectors, video recording, and audio equipment to ensure quality teaching and research. A distance education program is also implemented. International connections of the Institute include Russia, the US, Ukraine, South Korea, and others. In addition to carrying out projects under grants from the Centre for Science and Technology, the Samarkand Medical Institute engages in basic research in collaboration with the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. A knowledgeable and experienced staff is on hand to help students whenever they need it. MBBS aspirants who wish to learn and grow in the field of medicine will find the Institute to be among the most desirable educational destinations in recent years due to the constant improvement of the Institute.

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