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Welcome to the website of the International European University, Ukraine! We are the most modern multidisciplinary University. We offer English-taught medical programs, professional degrees and affordable medical internships in Europe.

International European University, Ukraine is excited to welcome new international students and foreign exchange students from Europe and all over the world! We are the right choice for you! What is the best university to study medicine? Sure, International European University, Ukraine is the best option for students seeking to pursue an MBBS course.


Our Mission is to provide international students of the International European University with the best facilities, knowledge, technologies, and internships to make the world a better place for everyone. IEU, Ukraine student community is an active participant in European exchange student programs and is rich in many cultural, social, and global traditions. We promote identity, inclusion, and expression to teach a generation of Medical, IT, Engineering, Art, Science, and Law professionals to become famous.

International European University, Ukraine is recognized worldwide for its innovative teaching methods, clinical training, research programs, and affordable exchange student programs in Europe. Obtaining MBBS at the International European University, Ukraine is getting more and more popular among international students due to the wide range of career options, overseas internship opportunities, and high salaries after graduating.

International European University, Ukraine is the place where a completely new approach to student education has been introduced. The educational process and international internships are organized according to modern European curricula. A well-stocked university library provides access to a significant fund of printed pages and subscriptions to dozens of world professional periodicals. A powerful university electronic library offers access to several leading world libraries.

The training for international students looking for options to Study MBBS at International European University, Ukraine is conducted by experienced teachers, medical practitioners, well-known scientists, and healthcare business professionals. The teaching staff perceives higher education in a modern way and is ready to teach and educate a new generation of professionals to be experts in their chosen fields demanded by the labor market.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the International European University, Ukraine has extensive professional experience in training highly qualified specialists graduating from the medical courses. More than 80% of teachers have the degree of the highest level, academic title, and international practice.

Combining the experience of Maltese higher education with European and world standards in various fields, International European University, Ukraine offers medical degrees and higher education courses of the highest level to international. Medical and Clinical Internships, a high level of education, international competitiveness, and bright student life are available for every international student as well. Students of International European University take part in international conferences.

Why Study in Malta?

The Maltese education system is based on the British education system and has a good reputation for providing a solid foundation for students’ future careers. The country has both public and private universities and colleges, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Affordable cost of living

The cost of higher education in Malta is relatively affordable compared to other European countries. The Maltese government subsidizes higher education institutions, making them accessible to students. The cost of living in Malta is relatively lower than in other European countries, making it an attractive destination for international students.

Global accreditation

Malta’s higher education system provides students with a high-quality education recognized globally. The universities and colleges in Malta are accredited by international organizations, ensuring students receive a higher education degree that is recognized and valued by employers worldwide.

Practical learning opportunities

The Maltese education system places a strong emphasis on research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Its universities and colleges provide opportunities for students to engage in research projects and innovation programs and gain practical experience through internships both in Switzerland and abroad, work placements, and industry collaborations. Studying curriculums at the ISS equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields, providing a competitive edge in the job market.

English medium of instruction

The medium of instruction in the higher education institutions of Malta is English. It makes them an attractive destination for international students who are not fluent in other European languages. The Maltese education system provides a diverse and multicultural environment allowing students to learn from different perspectives and cultures, enhancing their overall educational experience.

Overall, getting higher education in Malta offers several advantages, including high-quality education, affordable cost, multicultural environment, practical learning opportunities, soft skills development, research and innovation opportunities, safety, and networking opportunities. The following factors make Malta an attractive destination for students seeking a high-quality education at an affordable price.



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